Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wannabe's Journal

Our meeting was held last Friday March 16th at
the River Campus of the University of Dayton.
You don’t want to
miss the meeting next month on the 20th of April. We will have a special guest speaker. Since our meeting was held the day before St. Patrick’s Day
I had to share with everyone a little Irish Blessing I received from
Ginger. I hope this past weekend
provided many blessings to all of you

An Irish Blessing

My wish for you is:
That every gift God gave
you might grow along with you
And let you give the gift
of joy to all who care for you.
That you may always have
a friend, who is worth that name,
Whom you can trust, and
who helps you in times of sadness,
Who will defy the storms
of daily life at your side?
One more wish I have for
That in every hour of joy
and pain
You may feel God close to
This is my wish for you,
and all who care for you.
This is my hope for you,
now and forever.
Celtic author unknown


"Moby-Dick in
Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page -- one of the 11 best art and design books
of 2011, gathering Kish's magnificent lo-fi drawings in a 600-page visual
masterpiece of bold, breathtaking full-page illustrations that captivate eye,
heart, and mind, inviting you to rediscover the Melville classic in entirely
new ways." -- The Atlantic, MAR 15
Read the full copy of this latest of many laudatory reviews
and interviews, at :
Meet Matt Kish at our April Wannabe's meeting on April 20th at 9 AM:
Hear the story of his development as an illustrator.
See the beautiful full-colour product of his imagination,
inspired by Melville.
Learn about his current project.
Be inspired.

Our Group’s

The following members were present and provided an update on their
current activities. The Activities of the group keep expanding:
Bob MacK. He was welcomed back after a lengthy absence due
to health reasons. Always glad to see
members come back to the meetings after a significant medical issue has
interrupted their life.
Jude: She has been a busy woman.
She is going to participate in a Blog tour for a
new book by Eric Maisel. Visit his Blog
site for the latest information on sites and dates he will be visiting during
the month of April. He will be visiting
Jude’s blog site on April 12th
She will be attending a Writing Workshop that is
run by Eric in Prague this summer.
She will be attending the Erma Bombeck Writers
Conference that is held at UD every other year. This year’s event is sold
She will also particdipate in the “Story Circle
Network Conference” in Texas
She is still actively involved in the NPR
programing education at the radio station in Yellow Springs.
She does not have any more time …………….
Martha: Has started to investigate her interests in
Flash Fiction
Shulamit: has arranged for a special speaker for our
next meeting The local artist and writer has agreed to come to our April
meeting and discuss his very interesting work of art. Please check it out and come to our meeting
so you can meet him in person and ask him questions as to how he came up with
the idea for this interesting project.
Don Hart: Don is still seeking help in coming up
with a top for the groups next anthology.
It was interesting that our conversation that morning gravitated to
whether when most of us creative right brain people did our writing and other
related correspondence. When do you do your most creative work early in the
morning or late at night. I guess you
could be like the famous manager of the New York Yankee’s as say: “I feel strongly both ways”. Based on the survey or the morning attendee’s
we suggested to Don that he entitle the next book “ The Owls and Chickens”
. Each person could write what group
they were in and what contributed to their being that type.
Don will send out a list of the suggested titles in time for
next month’s meeting.
Don Q: He is still trying to figure out how
Pinterest works. His children are
teasing him for his participation in a web site that is dominated by female
users. He sees no problem in that. Here is the link: This app is more like a electronic bulletin
Reported that a Wild Rose Press, which is a small publishing
house is seeking submissions for manuscripts that are 15,000 to 25,000 words in
length on Christmas stories. Follow the
directions in the Submission button to find out more info. Here is the link:
Don also informed the group that he had recently meet with
Julie Mitchell and discussed the idea of having a Writers/Artists Workshop in
the late October time frame which would be sponsored by Julie’s department as a
UD Special Programs and Continuing Education one day event. Here is some
additional information about the event that we discussed:
will be held at UD’s River campus
Have a series of morning seminars(one hour in
length) on various topics such as poetry, children’s book, self-publishing,
creative non-fiction, photography and ceramic art, just to name a few.
We would have a featured speaker at lunch
Have a book signing event in the afternoon whereby
allumi and LLi participants could display and sell their books or art.
Make arrangements with the UD book store to
carry the books after the event until the Christmas season is over.

• Welcome Mad
Anthony Writers!
Friday, April 13
Murder & Mayhem:
Spend the morning & afternoon honing your mystery & crime writing
skills by getting an authentic perspective from real law enforcement.[Details]Mad Anthony Mixer
(7 - 7:30 pm): Mingle with your fellow writers & workshop presenters
during the conference dessert reception.[Details]Writer's Program
(7:30 - 9:30 pm): A Preconference Program for Conference attendees
featuring two exciting sessions.[Details]
Saturday, April 14
Workshops: Register
for Saturday's Conference & you get your choice of five
fascinating workshops to attend! [Details]Appointments & Manuscripts Critiques: Meet one-on-one for professional guidance in a
specially arranged appointment...[Details]
Local Author:
Katrina Kittle
Her new class entitled Craft in Fiction begins on Thursday
the 23rd at 6:30 PM in Oakwood, Ohio. There is still room for a couple of right
brained people. Enroll at
Other Resources:
Goodreads sent out their recommendations for the March Book
Createspace has a new service for the self-publishing
crowd. Read all about it
Announcing Free Digital Proofing Options
We are pleased to announce new digital proofing features
that make it easier, faster, and more economical for you to review and approve
your finished book. Our new digital proofing viewer offers a clear online view
of your book's cover and interior allowing you to skip the expense and wait
time of ordering a physical proof.
Proofing Plus, an interactive 3D model of your book cover is provided
so you can visualize how your artwork wraps around the spine of the book. You
can even get a downloadable PDF proof that allows you to review the interior of
your book offline, on any device, at your convenience. A physical proof copy of
your book can be ordered as always and is still highly recommended.Next
Meeting: Please plan to attend and hear Matt Kish talk about his award
winning book. The meeting will begin at 9 AM in the cafeteria of the
River Campus building and end about 11:30 AM. Hope to see you all