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The Wannabe Journal
February 2012

In my meeting reminder early last week I mentioned the NPR program where Frank De Ford talked about the success the the Knicks basketball star: Jeremy Lin, and how his story reminds me of the success of the many self published authors that are having individual success as well. There are many similarities between the two situations; one is an overlooked, undrafted basketball player achieved unparallelled success in this shorten NBA season. A player who is without an agent, large salary and all of benefits of team sponsorship. In the other instance we have a self-published author like Amanda Hocking who received a mufti-million dollar contract from a large publisher only after she attain huge monthly revenues from her e-books at $ 2.99 a copy on Kindle. Prior to the contract she was earning over 300K per month from ebook sales but the model left little time for writing. So she did the unthinkable...she changed.

This past few days I have received a couple of phone calls from former students who took the self publishing class last Spring(2011)LLI program that was offered at UD.

Today I received this message: " Hello! I thought you might like to know that I am at the book proof stage of publishing my book through CreateSpace—very exciting."

I know of at least four other people who have taken that knowledge and have created their own books and achieved their own success. As Mr. Lin has realized success is in the mind of the individual. That is why when you begin the process of publishing a book no matter whether you take the traditional approach or self publish you need to define your audience. In that way you will never be disappointed. The success of the Wannabe's as an inspirational group and success of the Don Hart and the other authors who collaborated on the Christmas Anthology in December is the result of the LLI programs that are offered at UD each year. A large measure of the success of the "undrafted" writers is due to the inspiration of our "Literary Mother Hen" All of the Wannabe's know who I am talking about. If not then you need a copy of the Christmas Anthology.


We had a great meeting last Friday with a small group of talented writers and welcomed two new members to our ever growing collection of artists.

Here is what we discussed:

1. Don H. Informed the group that one our regular members Bob O'Connor(Hutch) is home recovering from shoulder surgery. Get well soon...keep writing those letters.
Don also passed on Don's suggestion for a title for the planned anthology that the group has in the works for the fall of 2012. Bob suggested " Past to Present". Don Barrett came up the idea that it should be similar to the title of Marshall Cook's book: Growing old isn't for sissies. Someone suggested "Thriving in the Present". I even suggested the "The Bucket List"

We will discuss the list in more detail at next months meeting.

2. Ginger: has just finished reading Highest Duty by Chesley B. Sullenberger. This is the story of the pilot of the US Airlines flight who landed his plane in the Hudson River. She indicated that it should have been renamed "No Free Lunch" She said the airline industry has become so cost conscious that even the pilot has to bring their own lunch on each flight. While the microwave is heating the steak for the passenger's in first class the pilot is nibbling on his tuna salad sandwich.

She also recommended the book; Charles Bracelen Flood – Author of “1864: Lincoln at the Gates of History"

Did you know the words from the famous speech that Winston Churchill gave to a group of students? "Never Give Up" No not only was that the title of the speech but it was the entire speech as well. I know a few political figures who could take a lesson from history.

3. Linda: has been inspired lately by a class which: Focus on the Present. She read a short haiku that she created over a cup of coffee that morning while watching the traffic from restaurant at the corner of Rahn and Far Hills. She is looking for suggestions for the writing class for the LLI program in the Fall of 2012

Cindy: A new member who has writing experience and is looking for some help in crafting a unique story of the great fire that consumed the prison in Columbus, Ohio is the 1930's. She has written the story through the eyes of a orphan child who fell on hard times and was one of the inmates who perished in the fire.

Other than solving the parking problems that she an Wanda experienced first hand she makes a great addition to our group. By the way she is also a consultant on genealogy.

Wanda: is also a new member to the group. She has been working a Children's Book. She shared a number of her illustrations which were accompanied by a short poem.

Since the group has had number of good experiences with self publishing using Blurb and Creatspace we suggested that they investigate those web sites for additional information.

Blurb's web site link:

Createspace web site link:

Don P: Continues to push the envelope. He provide Don Hart with a personal copy of a book that he put together of the "Best Pun's" He has a title for the book I did not record it for this Journal.
He also discussed the cost of producing some of his books on genealogy at Kinko's. I know it has a new name and I believe it is "UPS" In any case the cost of making a 1, 000 copies in about $ 40. He is currently working on producing a book of about 175 pages that contains 19 stories..

Don Q. Is writing a new story which he hopes with eventually becomes a book. The title of the story is: My night in the Burn Unit. I have kept a journal of my brides journey during the last three months that seemed like an emotional roller coaster with the magical moment when asked by a nurse in surgery to describe her doctor she blurred out: "The surgical dude with blond hair" . Or the time when she was preparing to be taken for her 9th visit to the Operating Room, she was asked if she wanted anything from the cafeteria for a late lunch she responded with: " A Milk Shake...yes a milk shake with vodka". Yes she was under sedation both times.

I do not like to self promote but since I am teaching this class with the esteemed Dr. Linda Fischback I will not feel too much shame this time. We will be teaching a class in the upcoming LLI program which starts on March 19th for five weeks. The title of the class is: Life in 2050. It should be fun. There are still seats available in the class.


Speaking of classes: Here is a class which is being taught by one of our own. Rosie Huart

Connecting Art & Spirit:
Awakening the Soul
An Art Retreat
with Rosie Huart
Maria Stein Spiritual Center
2365 St. Johns Rd.
Maria Stein, OH 45860

take 75 N to St. Rt. 119
go west through Minster.
Follow Rte. 119 into Maria Stein
and turn north on St. Johns Rd.
Go approximately .5 mile and
Spiritual Center is on the west side of the road.
May 4-6, 2012
Includes private room & bath, meals,
instruction and some art supplies
This art retreat is designed to implement creative ways of encountering the soul's inner journey through art. Painting, creative writing and collage will be explored as ways of creating expression. Music, meditation and sharing will be components utilized to enhance this reflective process. It will be a time to nourish one's body, mind and spirit through art, prayer and intention. The retreat begins Friday evening with arrival time at 4 PM. Dinner is at 5:30 pm and ends Sunday noon after lunch. You do not need to be an artist to participate.

A supply list will be provided after registration.

Please send a $100 deposit to guarantee your spot by
March 30, 2012.
Balance due at retreat
Rosie Huart
4876 Harlou Dr.
Dayton, Ohio 45432


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Jane Friedman: Recent Article (

This post last week reminded me of the discussion we had at last months meeting when Jude was talking about Blogging about her memoir.

Please Don’t Blog Your Book: 4 Reasons Why.Jane's Blog post of Feb 8th. I would strongly recommend her website and blog posts. She is highly recognized in the industry and as a matter of fact she is one of the featured speakers at the Mad Anthony Writers Workshop


Welcome Mad Anthony Writers!

When: April 13-15, 2012

Where: Historic Hamilton, Ohio

“The City of Sculpture”,
10 minutes west of OH I-75 on SR 129 between Cincinnati and Dayton

Featuring: Editors, Publishers, & Agents

Keynote Speaker: Christina Katz, The Writers Workout Coach and Platform Development Expert

Why: The 2012 Mad Anthony Writer's Conference is your opportunity to learn from the experts, network with a community of writers, have your manuscripts reviewed, & to give your dreams of being a published writer a chance to come true.

Mad Anthony Writers' Conference proudly supports the Boys and Girls Club of Hamilton, Ohio.

Our next meeting is March 16th(Come'n celebrate St. Patrick's Day early)