Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Letter from Oscar Hammerstein to Richard Rogers

A new Short Story by Jack Matthews is a documentary of a proposed musical between the two famous musical legends. The Story begins:

Dear Dick:

I saw Mary Martin last evening in "Sound" and, you know Dick...I like that show. It's got Moxie, as well as Mary! Dick I'm in the mood to another go at it-America deserves another big helping of R&H...whaddayasaybaby? Shall we roll up the ol' sleves? I've got an idea that can be the real BIG one...

A musical based on Colonel Charles Augustus Lindberg's Autobiography, We, A short story about guys and gals who few around America's heart in the years following the first World War in three acts.

I see the action something like this...

Jack is in the final stages of editing this work and I am sure he will share the finished manuscript with our group at future meetings.

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