Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anthology of Christmas Memories

This anthology is a whimsical collection of short stories, memoirs and poems written by 16 seniors, nearly all in their 70s, spanning holidays from 1930-2011. The authors are from southwestern Ohio and meet at the University of Dayton's Lifelong Learning Institute. Stories are about "what it's really like to play Santa," how a child perceives the mysteries of Christmas, and the tortuous adult worries and last minute pressures of holidays. Memories of the Great Depression, World War II and the entanglements of recent years are woven into these tales. You'll read about a Santa who robs a bank, a boy in a monastery, adults having faith restored and the timelessness of love. Some of the stories are meant to be read aloud to children. There's even a great recipe.

Anthology of Christmas Memories

Authored by members of the Wannabe's and University of Dayton Writers Group
Introduction by Nancy Pinard
Cover design & artwork by Tonya Foreman
Edited by Don Hart and Bob Mackenzie
Prepared for publication by Linda Hart

Book is available on Amazon for $ 10.99

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